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Thank you for visiting USA West Square Dancing! We are a group of friends from the western United States that are passionate about square dancing. We compete in international tournaments and show off our country dancing style every time we get the chance. If you are new to square dancing, we would love to walk you through some of the basic techniques that make square dancing so unique. If you are already familiar with this form of dance, we hope to introduce you to some creative new steps or just point you towards great country music that should be on your square dancing playlist this year. At USA West, we are constantly talking about square dancing and we hope you will join along with us and join the conversation as we delve further into this art form that is growing more and more famous around the world with each passing year.

Health Benefits For Seniors Who Square Dance


Square dancing is fun and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good time. Did you know that you can not only have a lot of fun while square dancing but you can also get into great shape while doing it as well? If you have a loved one that is getting up in age, you should think about getting them into a square dancing class of some sort if one is available nearby. There are many health benefits for seniors who square dance and we are going to talk about a few of those in this article today.

One of the biggest benefits of square dancing are the cardiovascular and muscle strength that it can cause. When folks age, one of the first things that begins to change in their bodies is their muscle tone and that can be devastating if your loved one was once strong as an ox. I have seen my own dad go from being able to carry a sofa on his back to not being able to lift semi heavy things without getting winded. It is sad but it is a part of life.

Another health benefit of square dancing is that is causes your lung capacity to expand. This is great for those who don’t get out much and are not able to do a whole lot due to the fact that they get winded. My mom use to be able to walk the entire mall almost running and now she gets winded after walking only a few feet. Square dancing can help this because it will increase lung capacity over time. Weight control is another great perk to square dancing. Sign me up!

Square Dancing Is a Great Workout


If you have been looking for a great way to lose weight and to shape your body into what it use to be, you may need to look into square dancing. One of the best things about using square dancing as your workout is that you will be able to meet others and perhaps have a more exciting social life as a result. If you are one that doesn’t like to get out there in the mix with other people you may have to push yourself at first. I promise you if you are willing to give square dancing a try you will not be disappointed at the results both for your health and your social life.

Around in my area we have a great place to go square dancing that offers a ton of great food as well. Be careful that you don’t dance your butt off only to put it back on with a vengeance by eating until you are stuffed. Everything in moderation and you should be fine.

Square dancing is fun to learn and is typically taught by others who already know the dance that dance alongside you. If you want to meet a sweet country man, then square dancing is the key! All those cute guys out there with their cowboy hats on dancing up a storm, is enough to make any red blooded woman feel all giddy inside! Go out and buy yourself a hat so that you will at least look like you fit in and soon enough you will. If they offer partner dances be sure to pick out the cutest cowboy you can find and swing your partner round and round!

Health Benefits Of Square Dancing For Seniors


We all have had loved ones in nursing homes and have seen them wither away in there. If you have a loved one that needs to be in a nursing home, be sure to pick one that has many activities and exercise to choose from. If you can find one that incorporates square dancing in their exercise routines you will be blessed by what it can do for your loved one!

There are many health benefits of square dancing for seniors and for folks of all ages. Square dancing helps to get your loved ones up and moving and “working out” even if they don’t think they are. Because square dancing is fun your loved one may not even know just how much their body is gaining strength by taking part. Square dancing is great for cardiovascular workouts because it gets folks up and moving. The reason it is great for seniors is because it can be done in many different ways. If your loved one is in a wheel chair they can still take part in square dancing.

Another way that square dancing helps improve the health of seniors is by getting them social active. You cannot square dance without taking the hand of your partner and at least smiling at them or acknowledge they are there. Many times seniors tend to get into their comfort zone and close themselves off from folks they don’t know. Square dancing gets them out of that comfort zone and forces them to look at others and get to know them.

As I said before if you can find a retirement center that encourages and even promotes and offers square dancing you will be doing your loved one a huge favor as well as helping to improve their health!

Square Dancing Offers Easy, Fun Exercise


It has come to my attention that there is a great deal of attention being offered to losing weight and getting into better shape. And while I should not be surprised that there are millions of people that want to lose weight, I am rather surprised at the ways in which people choose to exercise and try to get into shape. Losing weight is a great thing to do if you are trying to improve your health or if you are trying to get over a sickness of some kind. Losing weight can be done in several ways but there is only one way that will always work. In order to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more. Plain and simple. There are no miracle drugs and there is no magic juice that will make this easier for you. In order to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you eat. This means that you also need to exercise.

Have you ever considered the benefit of using square dancing as an exercise? I never really thought about it before but there is a great advantage to this idea. Square dancing is a very involved dance and it requires a lot of movement and a lot of strength. If you have ever square danced then you already know that this is the truth. Square dancing as exercise could be great for you because it will exercise your heart. Cardio exercise is always a great thing and doctors always push it. Another reason for using square dancing for exercise is that you could combine exercise along with something that you already love doing.

What Square Dancing Means To Me


As a young boy growing up in the south I was always surrounded by people that square danced. I was never really sure why anyone would want to do this sort of dancing but I never really questioned him or her. I was always confused as to why there were no young people doing this dance. My grandmother was always telling me how fun it was and that they loved to do it, but I could never see any younger people doing this “dance.” Needless to say square dancing was never a real important part of my future to do list. However I was introduced to this dance early on. What does square dancing mean to me? It means several things actually. Allow me to explain the importance of square dancing.

First, I never got to spend a lot of time with my grandparents. Our relationship never really took off, but there were a few times when we would spend a day together. In those times, especially during the summer, I would watch as my grandparents would dress in some really odd costumes and then they would go dancing. The square dancing seemed more like old people hip-hop but it was actually pretty cool to watch. But square dancing also meant swimming. You see my grandparents would always dance at the same home every weekend. This home had a swimming pool. So while they would dance away I would go swimming. I loved swimming. To me, I still associate swimming and square dancing. It is something that goes together like peanut butter and jelly.

My Parents Love Square Dancing


As a teenager there are certain things that you never want to be seen doing. You never want to be seen out in public with your mom or your dad. You never want to be seen wearing a goofy shirt or bad pants. You never want to be seen hanging out with uncool kids and you certainly do not want to be seen around ugly people. As a teenager there are also a few things that you never want to see from your parents. You never want to see your parents talking to your friends. You never want to see your parents trying to dress cool. You also never want to walk in on your parents doing something secret. I know what you might be thinking. Get your mind out of the gutter! I was talking about dancing. I recently walked in on my parents dancing. And this wasn’t some lame attempt to embarrass me they were actually dancing. Actually, they were square dancing. I was shocked.

After I finished laughing at them I began to ask a few questions. How long have you been dancing? Why are you dancing? Why did you never share this with me? My questions were met with very few answers. All that I could glean was that they had recently begun to dance and they were not going to share it with me because they wanted some things in their relationship to remain between them. However, I have recently been watching how they act with each other. My parents really love each other. And watching them dance, even though I am not supposed to watch, has been enlightening. It is amazing to watch my dad carefully hold my mom. It is also very cool to see that they still are very much in love.

My Introduction To Square Dancing


When I was a small boy I can remember going and spending lots of time with my grand parents. And while I was too small to really relish the time that I was receiving, there are a few things that I will always remember about those times. First, I will never forget the smell and the taste of the homemade pimento cheese that my great grandmother would make. She lived with my grand parents and she was typically the cook of the home. Her pimento cheese was amazing and I have never tasted anything else like it. I will also never forget the time that we spent working on the garage. Granddad would work on all kinds of things like wooden benches and even wooden tables. He was very crafty. Most of all I will never forget watching my grandparent dance. But this wasn’t just any old dancing. They were square dancers!

My introduction to square dancing came when I was around 6 years old. My grandparents would go dancing every Saturday night. There was a small group of them and they would always meet at the same home and they would dance for about 2 hours and then they would play cards. Typically the card game would be Rook. What really stands out in my mind is watching my granddad sway back and forth and spin my grandmother. I was amazed that these “old” people could move like that. In reality they were only in their late 50’s or early 60’s and they were not all that old. My introduction to square dancing was fun and it is something that I will never forget as long as I live.

Is Square Dancing Fun?


There are many things that a person could do to pass the time and to have fun. And while some would never give a second thought to the idea of dancing, there are a great number of people that enjoy the activity of dancing. Depending on your geographic location there are certain styles of dancing that some people will prefer over others. Allow me to explain. In the more urban centers of a state there is going to be a higher concentration of hip-hop dancers. Likewise, in southern states, there is going to be a more concentrated population of square dancing performers. The real question that you need to ask is whether or not square dancing is a fun activity. Lets look at what we already know about this dancing style.

Square dancing is much like any other dancing style. There are going to be unwritten rules and there are going to be a set of unwritten guidelines. One of the guidelines in square dancing is the need to dress appropriately. When square dancing the people need to be dressed in a country and western style. This means bold colors, lots of plaid, and lots of polyester. This is almost a requirement. This is one of the may things that makes square dancing a fun activity. I personally love to square dance but I really love the costumes that everyone wears. Another great thing about square dancing is the community involvement that you can have. Many of the performers will dance with many other people and this makes the performance much more enjoyable. Square dancing is very fun and I would encourage anyone to be a part of a local group.